Graphic statistics, analytics and reports for Expense Manager

Content Statistics provides integration to record and display statistics and rankings for Expense Manager component, the top used Expense Tracking System extension for Joomla!

Content Statistics for Joomla works perfectly integrated with Expense Manager, offering you the possibility to make beautiful graphic reports of your expenses, income and balance foryour personal use or your business finances.

Item evolution reports for Expense Manager

This plugin extends the functionality of the Item Evolution Module to allow you to show the evolution of your Expense Manager items.

Show evolution of:

  • Expenses (outcome)
  • Earnings (income)
  • Balance (income - outcome)

Combine the list above with any of the possible filters:

  • Current category
  • Specific category
  • All category (equivalent to no filter)

And, of course, combine the two lists above selecting your desired timeframe, to complete the chart's x-axis to show the items evolution:

  • Last X days (define the number of days you want to consider)
  • Last X months (define the number of months you want to consider)

Graphic report examples for Expense Manager using Content Statistics

Please go to Expense Manager site to see dozens of examples of Content Statistics working with Expense Manager

Expense Manager plugin for Content Statistics is included with every purchase of the main Joomla Content Statistics system. Get it now!

Current article popularity evolution over the last 2 weeks

This is an interactive graphic created with SVG and HTML5 (place your mouse over the points)

Content Statistics Examples

Content Statistics example: Total article views in this site (last 2 months)

This line graph is built using the brand new Google Charts API, using SVG and HTML5 graphics, compatible with all browsers, including iPad, iPhone... Interactive graphic: place your mouse over the points!

Content Statistics Example: Zoo page view per category (column stacked)

We use the comparison module to compare Zoo page view per cateogory (using a stacked column chart)

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