Evolution in time 3 released

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New ways to dynamically interact with your data and see the stats that matter to you

Starting with version 3 of our "evolution in time" module, we have added some advanced capabilities that will allow you to interact with your graphs and data like never before.

We have also added Charts JS in addition to GoogleCharts as a new rendering option for your charts.

This is a live, real demo of what this module can offer you. You can see:

  • The graph (line, area, column)
  • Summary boxes on top, which display the total amount, for each data set, that is displayed on the graph
  • The percentage variation for each data set, compared to the previous period
  • The date range selector, below the chart, where you can select a specific date range, or the way to group data (by days, months or years)
  • Quick access selector for Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly data, with arrows to jump to the previous or next period.
  • The complete table of values, where you can see all the detailed value info from the chart

All these options can be shown/hidden per module, if you need to