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Affiliate Tracker Joomla 4 compatible released

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We have released Affiliate Tracker for Joomla 4

It is currently compatible with all the extensions previously compatible with, that have been updated to Joomla 4: HikaShop, OS Membership Pro, PayPlans, Invitex.

Plans available in our store

Expense Manager 4

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We are happy to announce the release of Expense Manager 4, for Joomla 3.x

The application has been completely redesigned internally, which allows faster load more dynamic interactions and more functionality

Category summary

This is probably the biggest new addition to Expense Manager. We have create a new view that allows you to see at one glance the global situation of your finances, in a data-full category separated view

You will see how much are you accumulating in each category, and choose monthly, yearly or all-time view

You can also see percentage variations from one month to the other, see monthly or yearly average and totals

You can also select a particular month/year for a category to see all the entries generated for that period of time, on that category

You can also order the results by month/year

You can export all the monthly/yearly category data to CSV/Excel

Click on the image to enlarge

Click on the image to enlarge

Transfers between accounts

We have added the option to mark an entry as a "transfer between accounts", which means that that amount is taken off one account and added into another.

When filtering by account, you will be able to see the total transfers made from other account to this one

New Content Statistics Dashboard demo

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We have created a new dashboard page to show you how you can use Content Statistics to create your own Dashboards in your Joomla website using our extension Content Statistics and its great new modules.

Visit demo now

In this new demo, you can see many modules that we have set up to show you different chart options (bar, graph, line, doughnut) and we show you a few of the options you have in the modules:

  • Show/hide the date picker to allow users to change the date
  • Show/hide table of values
  • Show/hide chart axis to create a nice effect
  • Show/hide summary boxes
...and much more!

Evolution in time 3 released

Posted in Content Statistics

New ways to dynamically interact with your data and see the stats that matter to you

Starting with version 3 of our "evolution in time" module, we have added some advanced capabilities that will allow you to interact with your graphs and data like never before.

We have also added Charts JS in addition to GoogleCharts as a new rendering option for your charts.

This is a live, real demo of what this module can offer you. You can see:

  • The graph (line, area, column)
  • Summary boxes on top, which display the total amount, for each data set, that is displayed on the graph
  • The percentage variation for each data set, compared to the previous period
  • The date range selector, below the chart, where you can select a specific date range, or the way to group data (by days, months or years)
  • Quick access selector for Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly data, with arrows to jump to the previous or next period.
  • The complete table of values, where you can see all the detailed value info from the chart

All these options can be shown/hidden per module, if you need to

Invoice Manager 3 released

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Instant preview, custom email templates, multiple currency support, new contact manager and more make Invoice Manager better than ever.

We are very happy to announce Invoice Manager 3.0

We have completely re-built the backend interface to allow new possibilities that were not possible with the previous system. All the interfaces have been re-built using Vue.js, a state of the art progressive JS framework to allow things that were not possible before

Instant preview

Say hello to a new rendering engine that provides real-time, as-you-type invoice preview. Whatever your invoice template looks like, the system will allow you to instantly visualize the rendered invoice, to make sure you're getting what you expect. This happens instantly, with no need of server-side communication, and with whatever template HTML code you decide to use.

Click on the image to enlarge

E-mail templates

This long awaited feature is now native in Invoice Manager. You can define custom e-mail templates for your invoices, alonside your online HTML templates and PDF templates.

Multiple currency

If needed, you can now activate multi-currency support, to have invoices in different currencies, see totals for different currencies and more. You can define each currency number format and rules, and add or modify as many currencies as needed.

Contact manager

The contact manager now lets you see invoices, quotes and payments associated to a contact right in the contact page, to have all information in one place

Click on the image to enlarge

Calendar Planner 1.0.2 - Security release

Posted in Calendar Planner

We are happy to announce the release of Calendar Planner v 1.0.2. This is a security release. We encourage all previous users to upgrade to this version.

Content Statistics Extended 2 released! E-mail Notifications

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We have included a much-awaited new feature on this release: E-mail notifications!

Now, you can get notified by email about whatever activity you are interested in.

As a site administrator, you may want to keep an eye on specific things that are happening in your site, and know about it. Who is logging into the backend? How many daily views is a certain article getting?

You can choose when to be notified (instantly, daily, weekly, monthly), and even get CSV reports directly to your e-mail inbox.

Learn more about e-mail report notifications!

Content Statistics core plugin and Compare module v 2.1 released

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We are happy to announce the release of version 2.1 for our COMPARE evolution in time module for Content Statistics.

This module requires also the core plugin to be updated to version 2.1

This module focuses on one important new feature: you can increase the data sets to compare up to 8 (the current limit was 4)

Additionally, this module will now replace the "Evolution in time (individual)" module (you can achieve the same with the Compare module)

We have rearranged the module parameters to make it easier for you configure it.

Invoice Manager 2.1 released

Posted in Invoice Manager

We have completely re-written the TAX system to give you more flexibility and usability for taxes in Invoice Manager.

We are happy to announce Invoice Manager 2.1.

This version comes with 2 major new additions, plus several small changes and performance improvements:

  1. Completely re-built tax system
  2. New "history" tab inside invoices for Content Statistics users.

The new tax system

This new tax system gives a new way of flexibility and usability regarding taxes. What's new?

  • When adding taxes individually on each item on the invoice, you can define which is the tax being applied
  • When applying invoice-global taxes, you can set the tax rate on each invoice. No more "adding a new tax for 10%, another for 20%", etc. Just one single tax, but any rate possible.
  • These two major modifications allow for a much improved Template system. You can show tax totals separetely, grouped by rate, grouped by tax type... anything you want.

Taxes on items

You can define which tax applies to each item, and its % value.

Invoice-global taxes

You can now apply different rates on global taxes, on different invoices. You can have global 21% VAT on one invoice, but 10% global VAT on another invoice

Taxes in the template

All these new additions can now be shown in the invoice template, which offers many more options and tokens for taxes. 

Many new tokens when creating the template...

See totals on the backend

All this new information is comprehensively shown in the backend. Now, if you show the tax in a column, it will show you the invoice-global tax, as well as the taxes in the items inside the invoice. Also you will have a nice dashboard for the taxes total. It doesn't matter how you apply the taxes on your invoice (globally or individually), the system will know it and show it to you.

History tab

This one is for our Content Statistics users. If you're not a Content Statistics yet, remember you can upgrade your subscription to include both Invoice Manager and Content Statistics!

We have added a new tab inside each invoice (edit mode) that will show you all the relevant information tracked by Content Statistics on that invoice! We have upgraded our Content Statistics - Invoice Manager integration plugin, which now can register up to 13 different activities made on an invoice.

No more wondering "who messed this up?" or "how many times have I sent this invoice?", or "has the user seen this invoice yet?". With Content Statistics you can now track all this information, and it will be displayed to you in a helpful new tab called "History", right within the invoice. These are the actions you can track:

  • Invoice viewed
  • Invoice created
  • Invoice edited
  • Invoice deleted
  • Invoice emailed to client
  • Invoice published
  • Invoice unpublished
  • Invoice status changed
  • Invoice exported to PDF
  • Payment paid on invoice
  • Quote accepted by client
  • Quote rejected by client