Keep track of administrators activity

Sometimes you are not the only administrator of your site, but you need to keep an eye on what your other site administrators, managers and publishers are doing.

Site administration is a delicate task, and you need to know everything that is happening on your site to have control over everything: who is doing what? creating, publishing/unpublishing, updating or trashing articles, modules, plugins or extensions is a list of tasks that any web administrator must be aware of.

Do you want to see a demo of Content Statistics backend component for activity logs?

See backend demo

Content Statistics offers a series of backend-activity tracker plugins that will give you all the information you need  to know what's happening on your site, from a backend (site management) point of view.

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The actions you can track, performed by you or your admins, include these:


  • Create articles
  • Edit articles
  • Publish articles
  • Unpublish articles
  • Archive articles
  • Trash articles
  • Delete articles


  • Create users
  • Edit user profile
  • Admin login into backend


  • Install extensions
  • Uninstall extensions
  • Update extensions


  • Create new modules
  • Edit modules
  • Publish modules
  • Unpublish modules
  • Trash modules
  • Delete modules


  • Publish plugins
  • Unpublish plugins

Invoice Manager:

  • Invoice viewed
  • Invoice created
  • Invoice edited
  • Invoice deleted
  • Invoice emailed to client
  • Invoice published
  • Invoice unpublished
  • Invoice status changed
  • Invoice exported to PDF
  • Payment paid on invoice
  • Quote accepted by client
  • Quote rejected by client

 With our extension Content Statistics Extended, you can track all these activities and know what's happening on your Joomla backend. This way you'll be able to spot possible causes for issues or errors in the system. You will know how your admins are interacting with the system, what they are doing and changing, at any moment!

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