Calendar Planner is a complete, super-easy to use visual calendar tool to manage your events in Joomla!, through its intuitive, interactive and AJAX-powered user interface.

  • Beautiful visual calendar views: week, month, day...
  • AJAX powered for fast loading and interaction
  • Unlimited colored categories, public and private events
  • Repeat events, with any frequency you want
  • Geo-location option for events via Google Maps
  • E-mail alerts: get notified before events start!
  • JomSocial and EasySocial events integration

Compatible with Joomla 2.5 & 3.x

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Powerful features learn about the main reasons to start using Calendar Planner!

Events calendar

An online calendar for your website

Create, manage and share events with your users, use it for personal or collective purposes, display events in the most beautiful graphic interface in Joomla

Beautiful UI

Beautiful UI & fullscreen mode

The better-looking calendar for Joomla, and the simpler to use. Designed for maximum usability and the most intuitive user interface, simplifying views an focusing on your content. Use it in fullscreen mode for a native app-like experience

Drag and drop

Drag & drop, resize

Calendar Planner can be managed all from the frontend, using the most intuitive gestures and mouse events to make it all work... the way you would expect. Double-click for create events, click for editing, drag & drop and resize options to change the event's date or duration!

AJAX powered

AJAX powered, lighweight

Calendar Planner UI is rendered entirely by your browser, using JavaScript, and comunicates with the server using AJAX and JSON. This means that the interface loads fast and eases the computing load on your server

Geo-location events

Geo-location, show events on map

Geo-tag your events super easily with automatic suggestions from Google Maps, show the events on the map, to let people know where they are and how to get there.

Mobile touch friendly

Mobile friendly, touch enabled

The graphic calendar views are designed to respond to touch actions on mobile devices and let you use your fingers to move events around.

E-mail alerts

E-mail alerts

Anybody can set to be notified when an event starts, or 5 minutes before, or 1 hour, or 2 day... before. Every user can set their own e-amil alert for any event they want.

Access restrictions

Access restrictions

Every user can create private events (only for them to see), or public events, which the site admin or every user can create for sharing with everyone else.

iCal export

iCal export

Export your calendars in iCal format.

Recurring events

Recurring events

Define recurring events, that repeat with the frequency you want (like dayly, weekly, monthly... or any other cmbination imaginable)

JomSocial and EasySocial

JomSocial and EasySocial integration

With our Extended version, you can use Calendar Planner to display events that are actually created in JomSocial or EasySocial.


Search engine

You can search events with the search engine, filtering by date, category or name



Multi-language support: Easily use in any language you want

Open source

Open source

Our software is 100% open source code, there's nothing encrypted

And more features...

  • Outstanding technical support from our team
  • 100% open source code

Supported extensions

Affiliate Tracker offers additional plugins for you to extend its capabilities and integrate it with other Joomla e-commerce extensions, to make the affiliate program be adapted to your site's store and extensions!


Use Calendar Planner to display events created with your EasySocial calendar app


User Calendar Planner to display events created with JomSocial's event manager. This way you can give a nice visual calendar view to those events, which you can share with your users.

Create and share events with your users using beautiful calendar views in Joomla. Either to plan your own private schedule, or to share public calendar events that your users can see in your site, Calendar Planner is the best Event Management tool for Joomla! and the most intuitive and easy to use, thanks to its brilliant, JavaScript and Bootstrap powered User Interface, and its AJAX connection to the server for non-intrusive, smooth navigation for your users.

The basic features provided by Calendar Planner

  • Users can create their own events and calendars, if you allow it
  • E-mail alerts that everyone can set up if they want
  • Ajax powered, fast and smooth
  • Drag & Drop interface, resize, create events in frontend
  • Colorful calendars for your events
  • Private or public events
  • Geo-location for events, and maps (Google Maps integration)
  • Repeat events (recurring events)
  • Beautiful full-screen view that feels almost like a native app
  • Search events, filter by date, name, category...
  • Export calendars to iCal for importing to Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Outlook...
  • Upcoming events module
  • Mini calendar module
  • Multi-language support, settings for calendar start day and such

And also...

  • Integrated with JomSocial (display JomSocial events in Calendar Planner)
  • Integrated with EasySocial (display EasySocial events in Calendar Planner)


Ok, I'm sold. This is what I need! Get it now!

Missing something?

We are always looking for new useful features to add to Calendar Planner. We love to listen to what our customers say to see what we can add to the software so it gets more and more useful to the users looking for a simple but powerful and usable Calendar tool for Joomla.

If your request is very specific, we can develope customly for you in our Custom Coding Service!

Calendar Planner image gallery (Joomla front-end)

Calendar Planner image gallery (Joomla back-end)

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