Pie charts (SVG and HTML5)

The new version of the Rankings module includes a brand new layout that uses new Google Charts API to render the data using only SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) graphics and HTML5, the newest technology to create graphics for the web, to create Pie Charts.

These graphics are vectorial, which means that they look fantastic at any zoom, and are compatible with all the browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Explorer...) including mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android...).

These graphics are interactive: Place your mouse over the pie slices and see more info about the data.

Here you can see some real time dynamic interactive graphics using this technology, included with Content Statistics out of the box! Place your mouse over the slices and see info! Try with your mobile device, too!

Top extension plugins this week

In this example, we chose to show the percentage for each value, and we hide the legend of the pie chart.

Most popular forum topics last 2 weeks

In this example, we chose to show the percentage for each value, and a legend on the right. We use a 3D chart.

Top K2 articles viewed this month

In this example, we chose to show the quantitative value of the slice, and personalized colors.

Content Statistics Examples

Content Statistics example: Total article views in this site (last 2 months)

This line graph is built using the brand new Google Charts API, using SVG and HTML5 graphics, compatible with all browsers, including iPad, iPhone... Interactive graphic: place your mouse over the points!

Content Statistics Example: Zoo page view per category (column stacked)

We use the comparison module to compare Zoo page view per cateogory (using a stacked column chart)

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