Affiliate Tracker is a complete affiliate tracking tool for Joomla site owners to create a full Affiliate Program. Track referrals, commission sales provided by your affiliates and increase profits and traffic!

  • Automatic affiliate ID tracking
  • One centralized area for everything: integrates with VirtueMart, HikaShop, RedShop, PayPlans, K2Store, Emerald...
  • Multiple accounts & commissions per affiliate, multi-level affiliates
  • Define your own conversion types
  • Pay your affiliates online (PayPal, Stripe)
  • Graphic reports with Content Statistics

Compatible with Joomla 3.x & 4.x

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Powerful features learn about the main reasons to start using Affiliate Tracker!

Affiliate Program

An Affiliate Program in your site Learn more

With this Affiliate marketing tool, you can increase traffic to your site, increase your profits, know where your customers come from, and pay your affiliates for sales made on your site!

Fully integrated

Fully integrated Learn more

Affiliate Tracker integrates with most used e-commerce/subscription extension for you to track sales and user subscriptions. VirtueMart, PayPlans, HikaShop, RedShop...

Affiliates dashboard

Affiliates dashboard Learn more

Your affiliates can apply for new affiliate accounts/links, view traffic log generated for their links, commissions earned, payments history and graphic charts, all in the frontend.

Full control for you

Full control for you Learn more

You, the site owner, have full control: approve (or not) new accounts and new conversions, manually or automatically. Set the commission you want to give to each of your affiliates. All is customizable, and you have access to see all activity from all the accounts.

Multi level affiliates

Multi level affiliates Learn more

Affiliate Tracker supports multi-level or multi-tier affiliates. This means that affiliates can have other subaffiliates as children building a hierarchy in which you can define a commission for each level.

Marketing material

Marketing material Learn more

In Affiliate Tracker, the manager or administrator has the possibility to provide the affiliates marketing material to place banners on their websites.

Simple API

Simple API for custom tracking Learn more

We provide plugins to track most common actions of interest (sales on your site mainly), but you can define your own conversions with our simple API and track whatever action of your interest

Pay your affiliates online

Pay your affiliates online Learn more

Create payouts and pay your affiliates whenever you want

E-mail system

E-mail system Learn more

Get notified when a user applies for a new affiliate account, or when a new conversion is made (and requires, or not, your approval)

Graphic reports

Graphic reports Learn more

Graphic Statistics and reports with Content Statisics (sold separately)



Multi-language support: Easily use in any language you want

Open source

Open source

Our software is 100% open source code, there's nothing encrypted

And more features...

  • Outstanding technical support from our team
  • 100% open source code

Supported extensions

Affiliate Tracker offers additional plugins for you to extend its capabilities and integrate it with other Joomla e-commerce extensions, to make the affiliate program be adapted to your site's store and extensions!

Affiliates for VirtueMart

Track VirtueMart sales and commission your affiliates for the sales referred

Affiliates for HikaShop

Track HikaShop sales and commission your affiliates for the sales referred

Affiliates for PayPlans

Track PayPlans subscriptions and commission your affiliates for the sales referred

Affiliates for RedShop

Track RedShop sales and commission your affiliates for the sales referred

Affiliates for K2Store

Track K2Store sales and commission your affiliates for the sales referred

Affiliates for Emerald

Track Emerald subscriptions and commission your affiliates for the sales referred

Affiliates for OS Membership Pro

Track OS Membership sales and commission your affiliates for the sales referred

Affiliates for Akeeba Subscriptions

Track keeba Subscriptions sales and commission your affiliates for the sales referred

Affiliates for J2Store

Track J2Store sales and commission your affiliates for the sales referred

Affiliates for Invoice Manager

Track paid invoices and commission your affiliates

Affiliates for Joomla users registration

Track Joomla user registraions and commission your affiliates for the user registrations referred

Affiliates for Invitex

Track Invitex registrations using the links present on the email invites

Increase traffic and sales to your site by starting an Affiliate Program in your Joomla! site. Users will join your Affiliate Program and they will work to provide traffic to your site by placing links or ads in their site. You will increase your sales, and can give commission to them per sale.

Affiliate Marketing is key to the success of any online business: turn your loyal users into partners that will work to provide success to your business

The basic features provided by Affiliate Tracker

Front-End (what your affiliates will see)

  • Users can apply to be affiliates
  • Users can request multiple accounts (different IDs, different tracking links)
  • Affiliates can view conversions approved
  • Affiliates can view commissions earned
  • Affiliates can view log of traffic they generated
  • Affiliates can view payment history

Back-End (what you, the site admin, will see)

  • See all user accounts, approve or reject them
  • Set the commission per account, independantly (different accounts can have different commissions assigned, percentage or flat rate).
  • See all account generated traffic
  • See conversions generated, approve or reject them, set their commission.
  • You can manually set any commission or number at any point
  • Get notified by e-mail when users apply for new accounts, or when new conversions are achieved.
  • Create multiple payouts for multiple commissions for your affiliates, pay them online when you want.

And also...

  • Track all referrals, see the IPs, see the referer links
  • Filter results and search by date range, account, user...
  • Integrated with VirtueMart
  • Integrated with HikaShop
  • Integrated with RedShop
  • Integrated with PayPlans
  • Integrated with K2Store
  • Integrated with Emerald
  • Integrated with OS Membership Pro
  • Integrated with Akeeba Subscriptions
  • Integrated with Joomla users registration
  • Integrated with J2Store
  • Integrated with Invoice Manager
  • Integrated with Invitex


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Missing something?

We are always looking for new useful features to add to Affiliate Tracker. We love to listen to what our customers say to see what we can add to the software so it gets more and more useful to the users looking for a simple but powerful and usable Affiliate program system for Joomla.

If your request is very specific, we can develope customly for you in our Custom Coding Service!

Affiliate Tracker image gallery (Joomla front-end)

Affiliate Tracker image gallery (Joomla back-end)

How does affiliate marketing work?

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