Paper Shape is a complete project management tool for Joomla that helps you plan, do and review your work and projects to increase your productivity.

  • Automatic and manual modes for time tracking
  • Keep track of projects, tasks and logs
  • Project and task assignments, estimations and priorities
  • Complete reports ready to export as CSV
  • Graphic reports with Content Statistics
  • Project invoices and expenses with Invoice Manager and Expense Manager

Compatible with Joomla 3.x

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Powerful features learn about the main reasons to start using Paper Shape!

Project management

A project manager in your site Learn more

With Paper Shape, you can plan, iterate and review your projects to increase your productivity, keep your paperwork out of your head and focus on what really matters.

Time tracking

Time tracking Learn more

Paper Shape tracks the time you spend on each task so later you can review your progress and compare it with the estimated time you set before to analyze your productivity.

Affiliates dashboard

Clients dashboard Learn more

You can allow your clients to see their project's progress. You can either choose if you want to show them the overall progress, the completed and uncompleted tasks, both or none.


Full reports of your progress Learn more

In Paper Shape you have a specific view to see all the reports of each project. You can filter them by project, by author, by date... And you are one click away from exporting the data in CSV format.


Keep your mind free Learn more

We have included a notes section to keep your mind free of all the things to remember and your desk empty and clean of papers.

Graphic reports

Graphic reports Learn more

Graphic Statistics and reports with Content Statisics (sold separately)



Multi-language support: Easily use in any language you want

Open source

Open source

Our software is 100% open source code, there's nothing encrypted

And more features...

  • Outstanding technical support from our team
  • 100% open source code

Supported extensions

Paper Shape offers additional plugins for you to extend its capabilities and integrate it with other Joomla extensions, to make the project management to be adapted to your needs!

Expense manager

Project expenses with Expense Manager

Easily track all the incomes and outomes in your projects with Expense Manager integration.

Invoice Manager

Project Invoices with Invoice Manager

Create invoices for your projects with the Invoice Manager integration with a single click.

Increase your team's productivity and get rid of stress using Paper Shape to do the paperwork and focus on what you really enjoy.

The clients will know how is their project going so they will be informed on every moment. Create an invoice for them with just one click.

Take a look at your projects reports and see what is gonig on and what needs to be improved to be more productive and to do a better planning of your work.

The basic features provided by Paper Shape

Front-End (what your clients will see)

  • Users can see their project's progress
  • Users can see the tasks in their projects
  • Users can see which tasks are completed and which not
  • You can set which information is visible for the users and which not

Back-End (what you, the site admin and managers will see)

  • Create projects and tasks
  • Track the time you spend on each task and project, manually or in automatic mode
  • Add your teammates to projects to work together
  • Assign teammates to tasks
  • Set task priorities
  • Keep due dates in mind
  • Mark tasks as completed
  • Filter tasks
  • See and filter reports of your projects
  • Export reports as CSV
  • Create notes for the projects
  • Track the monetary cost of each task and project with task categories

And also...

  • Add beautiful and informative charts with Content Statistics
  • Create one-click invoices for your clients with Invoice Manager
  • Create expenses for your projects with Expense Manager


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Missing something?

We are always looking for new useful features to add to Paper Shape. We love to listen to what our customers say to see what we can add to the software so it gets more and more useful to the users looking for a simple but powerful and usable Project Management program system for Joomla.

If your request is very specific, we can develop customly for you in our Custom Coding Service!

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Paper Shape

Time tracking, tasks and projects for Joomla!

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