Content Statistics is a cross-extension graphic statistics and web analytics tool. Track full user activity stream, know who did what, when and from where in your Joomla! site.

  • Can work with any extension: articles, K2, DOCman, EasyBlog, VirtueMart, JomSocial, Zoo, SobiPro, Kunena, Mosets Tree...
  • Responsive graphics: draw line, bar, pie and map charts
  • Full activity log for admins, e-mail notifications
  • Popularity and "top" lists
  • Perfect for blogs, e-commerce statistics, downloads...
  • Location-based statistics (IP geo-location)

Compatible with Joomla 2.5 & 3.x

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Powerful features learn about the main reasons to start using Content Statistics!



Track and display stats for any Joomla extensions: K2, JomSocial, Zoo, EasyBlog, DOCman, SobiPro, Community Builder...

Full activity logs

Full activity logs Learn more

Keep a full log of all that happens in your site: Who did What and When, line by line, entry by entry. Full site activity stream for admins!

Area and line charts

Evolution charts Learn more

Show popularity evolution of your items, contents, products, sales and profits generated...

Bar charts

Comparison charts Learn more

Compare various items, products, sales... in one single chart, with cool interactive graphics

Advanced filtering

Advanced filter options

Filter the user activity feed by date range, user, component, activity type or even specific item to narrow your results

Admins activity

Track back-end activity Learn more

Know what your administrators are doing on your site: Extension install/uninstall, module and plugin creation,edit, publish/unpublish, trash, user creation, article creation, edit, publish/unpublish, trash, delete...

E-mail notifications

Get report notifications

Get notified whenever you want about specific activity that occurs on your site. You can control everything that's important for you to know.


Geo-location analytics Learn more

Know where your visitors come from, draw beautiful maps by region or country.

Export to CSV and Excel

CSV and Excel export

Export your analytics data to CSV or Excel files for further analysis in your desktop software.

Purge old data

Purge old data Learn more

Purge stats data whenever you want to mantain a clean record system

Rankings and popularity lists

"Top" rankings Learn more

Make rankings and lists for your items. Top blog articles, top active users in your site...

Pie charts

Pie charts Learn more

Know which items are viewed the most, top dowcument downloads, etc... in beatiful 2D or 3D pie charts

Bar charts

Bar charts

Nice bar charts, for single data sets or multiple data sets for any kind of entry.



This extension is built to consume the fewer resources possible on your site. With 1 DB query per module and inteligent table indexing, this won't slow down your site performance!

Area and line charts

Area and line charts

Display single or multiple area and line charts, using different colors for each data set to compare different statistics

Interactive graphics

Interactive graphics

Graphics are rendered using Google Charts HTML5 API, which means interactive, customizable charts for all devices: Desktops, iPad, iPhone, tablets and mobile devices

Fully customizable

Fully customizable

Filter results by date range, type of action, user, category... you can be as specific as you want!

And more features...

  • Extendable: New plugins can be built for any Joomla! extension you need
  • Outstanding technical support from our team
  • Multi-lingual: Show user activity stream in any language by easily translating the language files.
  • 100% open source code

Supported components and compatible extensions

Content Statistics for Joomla uses a unique plugin system that allows you to integrate it with any component in Joomla. Along with the Content Statistics system, we include a bunch of plugins to support all the major components and extensions used in Joomla, out of the box. Here are some of the supported extensions:

Statistics for Joomla articles

Built-in support for Joomla's native and most used article system, com_content. Statistics for articles, categories and sections

Statistics and rankings for K2

Statistics for K2

Native support to store and display statistics and rakings for K2 articles and items, itemlists, blog pages, tags...

Statistics for DOCman

Show complete statistics for all your documents in DOCman, make top downloaded rakings this week, hot documents this month...

Statistics for ZOO

Native support to store and display statistics and rakings for ZOO articles and items, categories, blog pages...

Statistics for VirtueMart

Integration with one of the top e-commerce extension for Joomla. Show rakings of your item sales, item views, categories...

Statistics for Kunena

Go beyond their included simple stats: top topics, posters, top thanked users... today, this week, this month... no limits!

Statistics for EasyBlog

Integration with the top Blog extension for Joomla. Keep track of entry views, top bloggers, top categories, make graphics and reports of activity logs

Statistics for EasyDiscuss

Integration with the top Q&A extension for Joomla. Show rakings of your posts, categories, posters, page views...

Statistics for HikaShop

Statistics and analytics for e-commerce extension HikaShop. Make graphics of sales, profits, see who creates and edits products...

Statistics for PayPlans

Monitorize your plan subscription sales on your site, know how much every plan sales, make graphs of the money grossing...

Statistics for JoomGallery

Integration with the top Image Gallery component. Show rakings of your images, categories, downloads...

Statistics for Community Builder

Keep tracking of user profile views, list views and such. Native integration with Community Builder.

Statistics for Mosets Tree

Integration with the top directory extension for Joomla. Show rakings of your listings, categories, favourites, reviews, owners...

Statistics for JomSocial

Built in support for JomSocial: store and display the top users, photo albums, videos or groups. Make reports and show popularity evolution

Statistics for FlexiContent

Show rankings and stats for the most viewed FlexiContent items (articles or other), know who edits what and when, see what's hot!

Statistics for Phoca Download

Show complete statistics for all your documents in Phoca Download, make top downloaded rakings this week, hot documents this month...

Statistics for SobiPro

Integration with one of the top used multi-directory extension for Joomla. Show rakings of your listings and categories...

Statistics for Joomla Users

Keep a user activity stream log and make reports for your com_users knowing when people log in into your site or register

Statistics for Music Collection

Integration with the top Music Management System. Show rakings of your albums, artists, top listened songs, playlists...

Statistics for Expense Manager

Make beautiful graphic reports for your expenses, earnings and financial items in Expense Manager

Statistics for Invoice Manager

Integration with the top Invoice and Billing system for Joomla. Make graphic reports of your income on your site, your invoices and payments

Statistics for Affiliate Tracker

Integration with the only Affiliate Program tracking tool for Joomla. Make graphic reports of the referrals, comissions and sales on your site

Statistics for PaperShape

Integration with our great Project management extension. Make graphic reports of your logged hours, tasks and more!

Statistics for Sobi2

Integration with one of the top used directory extension for Joomla. Show rakings of your items and categories...

Is there a component you want missing on this list? Don't find what you were looking for? don't worry.

Listed here are only the main components we support, but a plugin can be written for ANY extension you have in mind, to record and store statistical data of any type of content and extension you may want.

Ok, I'm sold. This is what I need! Get it now!

Missing something?

We are always looking for new useful features to add to Content Statistics. We love to listen to what our customers say to see what we can add to the software so it gets more and more useful to the users looking for complete Analytics solution for Joomla.

Do you find some feature missing that you need for your site? tell us! We are working to improve Content Statistics day after day so it fits everyone's needs!

And if your request is very specific, we can develope customly for you in our Custom Coding Service!

Mobile ready!

Layout built with Bootstrap, and responsive graphics that adjust to your screensize. Perfect to check your website stats on the phone or tablet!

Content Statistics Examples

Content Statistics example: Total article views in this site (last 2 months)

This line graph is built using the brand new Google Charts API, using SVG and HTML5 graphics, compatible with all browsers, including iPad, iPhone... Interactive graphic: place your mouse over the points!

Content Statistics Example: Zoo page view per category (column stacked)

We use the comparison module to compare Zoo page view per cateogory (using a stacked column chart)

Music Collection

Music Management System for Joomla!

Content Statistics

Graphic Statistics, Web Analytics & Activity Logs for any Joomla Extensions

Invoice Manager

Invoice Creator, Payment collector and Manager System

Expense Manager

Personal & Business Expense Tracking System for Joomla!

Affiliate Tracker

Affiliate Tracking, Traffic Logs and Commissions for Joomla!

Calendar Planner

Events Manager and Visual Calendars for Joomla!

Paper Shape

Time tracking, tasks and projects for Joomla!

Powerful extensions

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