How it works

The workflow of an affiliate program, which you will be able to deploy in your Joomla site with Affiliate Tracker, is a simple, yet powerful tool that will help you increase your profits, and reward your affiliates for it.

To easily understand the basic workflow, we will define who are the 3 actors involved in the process


This is YOU, the administrator of your Joomla site


This is the loyal user that becomes your partner and will work to provide visitors to your site


This is the final client, who will be purchasing goods or services in your site's store

The workflow

Affiliate signs up for the Merchant affiliate program.

Affiliate can apply for multiple affiliate accunts using Affiliate Tracker for Joomla! The Merchant will be responsible to approve or not each account, and, if wanted, assign different comission values for each one.

Affiliate uses an affiliate link whenever they mention Merchant on their website.

The Affiliate will be provided with a custom referral link containing his affiliate ID, that he will include in Links, ads, banners, blog posts... in their site, to provide traffic to Merchant's website. Affiliate will work to provide visitors to Merchant's website to increase his sales.

Customer visits Affiliate's website

where he will find the links placed by the Affiliate.

Customer clicks on affiliate link to visit Merchant's website.

From that moment on, Merchant's website will identify Customer as a client provided by Affiliate, and store this relationship information in the system, and also store a cookie on Customer's computer for future reference.

Customer buys something on the Merchant's website

providing Merchant with a new sale that he wouldn't have had if it wasn't for Affiliate's link. This sale is what's called a conversion, and thanks to Affiliate Tracker plugins for Joomla, it can be a sale on VirtueMart, HikaShop, RedShop, a new subscription on PayPlans, or any other action that Merchant may want to track as a conversion.

As Customer completes the checkout process, Merchant's website identifies that Customer came from an Affiliate link, and logs a credit for the sale commission according to the affiliate agreement

The new conversion and its comission will be notified to the Merchant, which will be responsible to approve it or not. He can also choose to automatically approve all the conversions of that kind if he wishes to, by defining it on Affiliate Tracker's configuration options.

Merchant makes reports available (automatically or manually) that show the Affiliate all the traffic and sales from the affiliate link

Affiliate can login to see his affiliate account on Merchant's Joomla website front-end, where he can see the traffic logs he provided, all the conversions, comissions earned and payment history, along with his accounts details and reports

At the end of a payment period (previously agreed), Merchant sends Affiliate payment for all the sales referred.

Merchant will manually create any payouts he wants, grouping multiple comissions, and pay them to the Affiliate, if that was the agreement

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