Simple API for custom tracking

Affiliate Tracker for Joomla! includes a very simple, but very powerful API, that you can use to track virtually any kind of activity that you want to monitorize from your affiliates

We provide handy plugins that integrate with extensions for sales tracking (VirtueMart, PayPlans...), but you maybe interested in tracking other particular actions that are not included inour plugins. With our API, you can do that.

You simply need to place a little piece of code wherever you want that action to be tracked, in any of your components

When this action is triggered, the system will automatically identify if the user came originally from an affiliate link, and if that's the case, it will log the new conversion in Affilate Tracker's conversion log.

You can define which type of conversion it is (you can actually set its name), it's monetary value (if any), if it's approved or not, and more. The system will automatically identify the affiliate's account associated with the action, and set it's comission assigned

The code

This is all the code needed to create a new conversion from your own component:

$conversion_data = array(
    "name" => "Custom Order",
    "component" => "com_yourcomponent",
    "extended_name" => "The item name",
    "type" => 1,
    "value" => 100 ,
    "reference_id" => 234,
    "approved" => 1,
AffiliateHelper::create_conversion($conversion_data, $user_id);

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