Full control for admins

The owner of the site have full control over its affiliate program built with Affiliate Tracker for Joomla!

Some of the main features and settings the admin can control are:


  • See all user accounts, approve or reject them
  • Allow or deny front-end user affiliate account creation
  • Be notified when a new user applies for a new affiliate account
  • Set the comission per account, independently (different accounts can have different comissions assigned, percentage or flat rate).
  • Edit account information at any moment

Conversions and sales

  • Define which actions you want to track, using our plugins or our simple API
  • See conversions generated, approve or reject them.
  • Be notified when a new conversion is made on the site
  • Choose to automatically approve (or not) the conversions made on the site. Different conversion types can have different settings
  • Define the default comission per conversion (percentage or flat rate)
  • You can manually set any comission or number at any point
  • You can manually create conversions whenever you want
  • Filter conversions by account, account owner, date range...

Traffic logs and referrals

  • See all traffic generated by your affiliates
  • Log the referral URLs and the IP of the user
  • The system will track unique visitors for a more accurate log
  • Filter results by account, user or date range

Payouts to affiliates

  • Decide when you want to pay your affiliates
  • Create payments for the owed amount to the affiliate at any point
  • Pay your affiliates via PayPal (if they have provided an e-mail for it)

Graphic reports and charts

If you use Content Statistics (sold separately) you will also be able to see graphic reports for traffic logs, sales, comissions or payments made

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Powerful extensions

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