Music Collection 3 released!

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Music Collection front-end user interface has been completely re-built from the ground up to offer much more intuitive, fast and pleasant user experience

The front-end interface has bee completely redesigned from scratch. This affects not only the way Music Collection looks, but also how it operates internally. Your music is now loaded using AJAX calls in JSON form, allowing the page to load faster and enabling a much more dynamic user experience. We've included caching to many data blocks to make it all even faster.

Music Collection 3

What's new? The main changes and new features

  • Bootstrap 3 has been used in several layouts to improve the look and feel
  • Powered by AJAX and JSON: music blocks are rendered on the client site, offering a faster experience.
  • Redesigned pages: Artist, Album, Song, Playlist pages have been redesigned to make them look better, much more modern.
  • Redesigned Search: Search is now available for Artists too (alongside with albums and songs). The main search page loads results dynamically (no page refresh), and offers results for the 3 categories (artists, albums and songs). You can choose also to show only a particular type of result.
  • Search auto-complete suggestions: search as you type! the system will offer you the most relevant results as you type, and offer completion.
  • Search bar everywhere: The search input box is available alongside the letter bar in every page to allow you to search for Music from every page.
  • Microdata: Music Collection now includes Google's structured data standards, based on, to include microdata that offer meta information about your pages, making it easier for Google to offer high quality results.
  • Cache: Cache has been added to the most relevant data blocks in Music Collection (lists of albums, songs, artists...) to allow for an ultra-fast page load experience.
  • Redesigned comments: the native comment system is now AJAX powered as well.
  • Redesigned play (jwplayer): You can now play albums and songs from everywhere, including modules. We have switched to JWplayer 7.

Are you upgrading?

If you're upgrading to Music Collection 3.0 from a previous version (2.4, for example), there's a few things you need to know. We have removed some things and moved others inside Music Collection.

Read this if you are upgrading from 2.4