Affiliate Tracker 2.0.0 is here

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We are happy to announce the release of Affiliate Tracker 2.0.0.

We've updated both the component and the system plugin and this version comes with new functionalities you've been requesting.

See what's new:

  • Unified forms for creating a new user and a new affiliate account. When a user wants to sign up to your website and create an affiliate account, he/she will only need to fill up one form and the system will create the new Joomla user and the new affiliate account linked to that user.
  • Different commission values for each plugin. Now, you can set which will be the default commission for each integration plugin and redefine it for each user if necessary instead of having only one commission per user being applied on all plugins.
  • Multi-level or multi-tier affiliates. Only with the extended version, now you can define different levels of affiliates so conversions will be applied taking this into account. This functionality will be the difference between the extended version and the normal version of Affiliate Tracker.
  • New tracking method: Now, you can set the website of each affiliate on its profile and all the visitors comming from there, will be tracked
  • Marketing material. With this new functionality, the manager or the admin can create banners from the administrator and the affiliates will be able to preview them and place them to their websites.
  • And other bugs and usability improvements

We've created some documentation articles explaining these new functionalities here

Note that you will need to update the component, the system plugin and each integration plugin you have installed on the system to get all these new functionalites.