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I've got some questions :
1. is there a way to let the user browse only the file he uploaded?
2. how can I modify the way the upload names the file on the server (to avoid special char problem), naming it, for example, {id}.mp3 or {id}.jpg (obviously even on filename column)?
3. uploading an entire album is always a pain (I think it's a problem with bandwidth) : is there a way to upload the files with an ajax uploader, maybe via ftp without exiting album creation page?
4. can I show statistics only for the artists related to the logged user?
5. can I limit the uploader to accept only mp3 files for the songs and jpg for pictures?

Thanks for your help
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    Friday, October 18 2013, 06:40 PM - #Permalink

    1. no, there's no such restriction.
    2. if you know some PHP, the place to do this is in /administrator/components/com_muscol/tables/song.php. but again, you need to have some PHP knowledge..
    3. not at the moment. we are working on solutions for this (yes, it's a problem is bandwith is not too big), but for the moment there's no other option.
    4. sorry, there isn't such a filter in the options. you can filter by "current artist", tho..
    5. the uploader is already restricted (well, it accepts a bit more filetypes, like png for images or aac for songs). if you don't have this restriction, please reinstall our latest version (download again) which contains this restriction types.
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