Set commission value in API call

Hi - is it possible to set the value of commission in the API code? The conversion data array doesn't appear to have an option for that:

$conversion_data = array(
"name" => "Custom Order",
"component" => "com_yourcomponent",
"extended_name" => "The item name",
"type" => 1,
"value" => 100 ,
"reference_id" => 234,
"approved" => 1,

Also - could you please confirm what "type" => 1 refers to and and what is the purpose of specifying the component?
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    Tuesday, August 11 2015, 07:29 PM - #Permalink
    ps - it says i am not a verified customer. But that is because my subscription expired last month as you can hopefully see from my account. If I can get this working the way i want I will happily renew. Thanks
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    Wednesday, August 12 2015, 11:20 AM - #Permalink
    Hello David,

    at the moment it's not possible to specify the comission in the API call but this is something we're adding on the next release.

    "type" => 1 refers to just an internal value, it's really not something to worry about. it is intended in case you have "more than one type of action tracked" per component. in this case you would differentiate the actions by setting a different type number.
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