Handy modules

We have included some modules in Music Collection to allow you display albums, songs and playlists anywhere in your site. Even outside the component.

Moreover, you can also add modules inside the Music Collection main page combining them with text and other information you wish.

Albums module

The albums module is available in two layouts. The detailed and the simple card. With the simple layout you will display the album cover with it's name and artist and users will be able to play it if they have permission. With the detailed layout, the information displayed for each album is larger. Moreover, users will be able to see the songs that it contains and listen to them. You as the administrator will be able to choose which and how many albums to display on each module.

Artists module

The artists module has the same graphic aspect as the simple card layout of an album. However, it displays the artist image, it's name, the number of published albums and the number of published songs. You can also choose which ones to display on each module.

Songs module

This module allows you to display songs anywhere you want. And if the users have permission, they will be able to listen to them, add them to their playlists and download them.

Playlists module

The playlist module is similar to the songs one but instead of displaying a predefined set of songs, it displays a playlist. If the playlist displayed is the on-the-go one, once the users add songs to it, if they have permission, they will be able to store it as a real playlist.

Moreover, if you want, you can let the users to change the displayed playlist. With this, each user will have a personalized module with the playilist they desire.

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