Event manager

Calendar Planner is the solution to manage events in Joomla, either public or private, and to use as your time planner and organize your schedule and agenda

You can use it privately, for your own events, or publicly, to share events with your visitors

Front-end interface

Managing events on the frontend is as simple as you would expect. You can create new events just by double-clicking on a day, or by using the AJAX form for new events. You can set its details, like Title, Description, Category, Start and End dates and times, or even the event location.

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Editing events is also as simple as it gets. Just click on the event and the event form will show up right there. You can adjust all its details and save.

Drag and Drop, resize

Front-end views are built with jQuery and powered by great JavaScript libraries. This is made to make event creation and editing extremely simple. You will be able to simply drag & drop events to change its date, or resize it to change duration. The UI is so intuitive you will feel like you've been always using it.

Backend-end interface

This interface gives you a more classical, "all in one" view for all the events on your site, so you can manager them easily, wether the events have been created by you or any other users.

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You can edit any event, or create new ones, using that interface

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