Calendar Planner comes with additional modules that will let you display events, calendars and maps in module positions.

Upcoming events module

This module lets you display a list of upcoming events, as a list or as pins in a map. You can add filters to this module such as which categories you want to include, or how many results to show.

See upcoming events in a module

Mini calendar module

This module lets you display a mini calendar, so every user can access any day they want the quickest way possible. Just click on the day and you'll be redirected to that day's calendar view.

See upcoming events in a module

Music Collection

Music Management System for Joomla!

Content Statistics

Graphic Statistics, Web Analytics & Activity Logs for any Joomla Extensions

Invoice Manager

Invoice Creator, Payment collector and Manager System

Expense Manager

Personal & Business Expense Tracking System for Joomla!

Affiliate Tracker

Affiliate Tracking, Traffic Logs and Commissions for Joomla!

Calendar Planner

Events Manager and Visual Calendars for Joomla!

Paper Shape

Time tracking, tasks and projects for Joomla!

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