A few weeks ago when we posted links to an Album from Music Collection FaceBook would display a thumbnail image for the Album which helped generate more clicks to our website.

Recently, this ability went away and now the only thing that appears is the Page Name & Page Description.

If you post the following link as a status update FaceBook does recognize and display a thumbnail: http://jamsspace.com/on-demand

But, if you post a link to a specific album (example below) the thumbnail image appears on FaceBook until you click 'Share' and then it disappears: http://jamsspace.com/component/muscol/f/74-flipsyde/134-we-the-people

The 1st image attached is an example of how the posts used to appear on FaceBook and the 2nd file attached is an example of how the posts are displaying now (no thumbnail).

Please help! http://www.joomlamusicsolutions.com/images/fbfiles/images/Screen_shot_2011_03_24_at_11.png
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    Thursday, March 24 2011, 04:35 PM - #Permalink
    Here is the example of the current display with no thumbnail.

    Is anyone else experiencing these issues? http://www.joomlamusicsolutions.com/images/fbfiles/images/Screen_shot_2011_03_24_at_11-20110324-2.png
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