Hi Germi,

With respect to uploaded songs, how can I make the most recent uploaded show first on Artists' song page or on search results page. By default the old uploaded shows first on the list.
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    Wednesday, February 19 2014, 06:10 PM - #Permalink

    well, that is not exactly true. by default, what shows first is the "songs from the older album".
    to change this ordering, you will need to basically change the ORDER BY clause on the mysql query that retrieves the data.

    are you familiar with MySQL?
    • Charlie
      more than a month ago
      Thanks Germi, please can you show me exactly what to do in Mysql as I'm not familiar with how to change the query
    • Germinal Camps
      more than a month ago
      hello Charlie,

      if you're not familiar with MySQL and PHP it's not recommended that you do it yourlself because there are a couple things involved and it's a bit technical. you can contact our Custom Coding Service at support@ if you want!
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