Is there a plugin or something to get joomla users automatically into Invoice Manager? I have no need for a social module, I only need to have the users from registration directly into Invoice Manager. I use DJ-Classifieds and the idea is that a new customer registers itself, buys a subscription plan at the website, pays online and gets an email from Invoice Manager and can see its invoice in Invoice Manager.
The link I am missing is that a new customer registers into Joomla and is unknown in Invoice Manager. The second step that a subscription automatically generates an invoice is still under investigation.
EasySocial en Jomsocial is way to much I need as there is no social sharing. Hope you can help me?
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    Saturday, September 03 2016, 05:28 PM - #Permalink

    We don't have such plugin, it would have to be developed for you...

    however, in the scenario you describe, what seems more important is the DJ classifieds integration (more than the joomla users integration), because that's actually the "heavy" part (and would take care of the joomla users integration at once)
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