Hi there,
I didn't get a response in the music collection section so I'll ask it here:

is it possible to have a module with a playlist specific to one artist on a page?
For example, i have a music website with virtuemart integrated into it.
I would like a module to the left of the virtumart product that will have the same song list as in the album view in your component. so people can listen to some snippets and then purchase the album on the same page.

Virtuemart page: http://lebaptieux-samoens.com/online-store/rock/album10-detail
album page: http://lebaptieux-samoens.com/albums/r/1-rihanna/1-loud

by the way, do you know why the icons aren't showing on the album playlist on mine like in your demo? e.g play, pause etc...

thanks again

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    Friday, November 15 2013, 04:35 PM - #Permalink

    no, there's no such module.. you would really need to have this custom coded (for two reasons: you need an "automatic playlist" made with that artist's songs and you need a module able to load that playlist..)

    the icon problem seems to be because your template is using Bootstrap, but it doesn't have the icons loaded... (this file does not exist: http://lebaptieux-samoens.com/templates/swift/img/glyphicons-halflings.png )
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