vidéos and photo gallery

hi all. music collection can be better my friends :)

my trouble is : i help an association ( an "artistsclub") hiphop. And in the hiphop you can find somes graffitis and dances artists too.

- But the danceurs can be evaluated only by video :)

- and the graffiti artists can be evaluated only by a photo gallery or a vidéo :)

they don't need music :huh:

i need

1- the possibility to add local vidéo (CLIPS, DEMONSTRATIONS, COMPETITIONS) , exactly like when you add music, for the vote, charts,etc :)

yes i know they can add youtube video in songs, but it's better to have the choice to add it in local if we can (big space disk). Because the music collection player dont show the vidéos when you listen it in a playlist.

2- the possibility to add some photo gallery, like when you add music, for the vote, etc :)

a photo gallery is necessary in artists profile for independants artists who wants to use it, like all graffiti artists and others... :) ).

we can keep the "grades" if the player work with in a same playlist songs and vidéos :
1: artist> albums> songs and vidéos,
2: artist> photo album> photo.

Of course, we need some compatible format vidéo and photo, but not 1 millions kinds :)just 1 or 2 kind of format, just an exemple : jpg, gif, and flv, mp4.

We need (and i know the planet earth wait for it too :) ) a music collection stronger than terminator lol

ps : Music collection can be THE "ARTISTS COLLECTION".

Imagine "le musée du louvre", "bbc", "mtv" or a "martial artistes" sites with a music collection "full options", a great website sure:) lol B)
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