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I suggest you modify the modules pagination classes and codes due to pagination issues if using the search modules only. There are classes mixed up with Joomla's classes. I am using the search modules on sides because it look better integrated with my theme and therefore i preferred removing the search forms from above. But then was a pagination issue with the results. After the muscol_pagination class has been declared, Joomla automatically added it's own pagination class causing a duplicate pagination, overlapping on muscol's pagination class. I replaced the original code in views/search/tmpl/songs.php

the div class muscol pagination (editor doesn't allow me to insert the code here)

with the one in this topic: http://www.joomlathat.com/support/invoice-manager/im-pagination-issue .

I suppose there will be others having the same issue if they disable the search forms on muscol's main page. I also have to mention that search buttons of the forms are still showing up after i disabled all fields and forms, so i had to create a rule for these buttons to be visible only if the song or album search form is enabled. Hope this helps.

OFF TOPIC: I would be glad if you guys can allow me to post codes in posts as well. The code tags are rendering blank line of code if i'm using them.

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Monday, July 14 2014, 11:18 AM - #Permalink
thanks for the info.

yes, the class for pagination should be only "pagination". I thought it was like this in all our layout pages. I will check the songs.php file in case it needs changing.
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