Pre-Buy Customization questions

I'm a web developer and I need to migrate the following web site: to joomlamusicsolutions.
Before buying your music system I have some questions:

1) Can I import all my database including picture covers and audio files ?
2) Can I add a shopping cart to make an ecommerce site for selling vinyls ?

In other words I liked your "Music Collection" and I found it perfect to make a record shop website.

so can we customize it for my needs and how much does it cost ?

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    Thursday, April 12 2012, 05:59 PM - #Permalink
    Thanks Germi for you fast response !

    Basically we would like to manage by ourselves the export/import from our database

    (it's a microsoft sql database) to your database.

    We will export to csv file,

    do you have any ready tool to read and import from csv file that we can use ourselves ?

    If so, in which format should be the csv files ?

    We should import covers and audio samples path too.

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