I bought MC in the past, now may it's time to renew my licence and see the new features.
Before that, some questions or wishlist:
1/ does the JW player can show a "now playing" item? Listen ers may like to know wich song is currently playing when they play an entire album / playlist
2/ is it possible in the comunity edition to see somewhere who is listening what ? One may be inspired with the past listening of others, something like an automatic playlist attached in the comunity profile? It may be helpful too for the listener to retrieve their past listenings without making a custom playlist.
3/ ist it possible to add automatically the various tracking modules to each albums and songs for a huge collection ?
thanks in advance for your answers :) hope this is clear, i'm not a native english speaker ;)
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    Thursday, August 01 2013, 04:54 PM - #Permalink

    1. yes, this is possible in our current version, the song "now playlist" is highlighted in blued in the playlist or album (check our demo)
    2. no, that's not possible. it's a good idea but it's really a complicated thing to achieve. we will have it in mind. thanks!
    3. yes.. you mean the STATISTICS modules? you can activate them in each album page, no problem (just with 1 module), just like in our demo.

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    Thursday, August 01 2013, 05:22 PM - #Permalink
    Thanks for your quick answer Germi,

    1/ great ! this feature was really missing in the past, happy to see you solved it.
    2/ yes, it's probably difficult to achieve, but I it will be useful to the comunity's behavior, find new atists based on the taste of someone you trust etc. just like IRL when some friend recomand you to hear something he like.
    3/ yes the statistics modules, great again
    thanks Germi
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