Just wondering if it's possible to run more than one Music collection component on a single Joomla site install? For instance, a client has a radio station that wants to show that stations' library of songs. They also have other 'channels' and we'd like to add in multiple instances of JMC into the one site...

Is that easy to do, or is there a flag that we can set for a group or category

so...you could have the music collection setup as such:
station 1- classic rock - uses a separate component from
station 2 - jazz station that uses a separate music collection component

each would have their own databases (or a meaningful way to separate the data...

or is it easy to modify or add a variable to designate which station the song belongs too?

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    Thursday, August 11 2011, 07:57 PM - #Permalink

    I'm afraid not, it's not possible. you can't do that with Music Collection, or any other Joomla component for that matter...

    there can only be 1 component with a certain name (com_muscol in this case), joomla does not allow more.

    you can have genres, etc, but you can't have more than one Music Collection installed...!

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