I want to buy Musci Extension for my site. I have few requirements, if you can answer one by one it would be great for me to decide
my questions are about the following features

1. Can we download single as well as complete album at a time
2. If frontend user can add musci. Can we set the feature to no uploading, is there any approval process if this is allowed?
3. Can we share musci files on facebook, twitter, gmail or any other e-mail?
4. Can we have separate rights for users that are also singers that they can maintain their own profiles regularly?
5. what is the uploading procedure? I mean will i have to add one by one song information?

Thanking in advance
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    Wednesday, July 31 2013, 08:59 AM - #Permalink

    1. "complete album" at a time is not currently available, but it will be.
    2. there's no approval process at the moment, no.
    3. you mean directly embedding the music files? no, that's not possible...
    4. well, if you're using the Community version, each user can mantain their profile..
    5. if you're the admin, then no, you can use our Scan folders feature with ID3 tag recognision and that makes it way faster.
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