Bugs Music Collection router

My subscription has expired, think to extend it for new Joomla versions.

Demo site works on Joomla 2.5.

I see a beautiful design, new features, and more.

And, unfortunately, I see absolutely unacceptable bug for commercial extension. :o

MС router responds with complete indifference to non-existent pages.

Absolutely all non-existent pages provide server response OK 200.

Letter Level
Artist Level
Album Level
Song Level

It's about page, which has never been.

An example of a remote page. Was such a group SUPERGROUP


Then it was removed. She could be hanging in the index of search engines.

The matter is in bugs MC router.

Native joomla router:

http://www.joomlathat.com/contact - OK 200
http://www.joomlathat.com/contacts - 404 404 NOT FOUND

MC router:
http://www.joomlathat.com/demo/music-collection/abrakad">http://www.joomlathat.com/demo/music-collection/abrakadabra">http://www.joomlathat.com/demo/music-collection/abrakad">http://www.joomlathat.com/demo/music-collection/abrakadabra - OK 200
http://www.joomlathat.com/demo/music-collection/abrakad">http://www.joomlathat.com/demo/music-collection/abrakad - OK 200
http://www.joomlathat.com/demo/music-collection/abrakad">http://www.joomlathat.com/demo/music-collection/abrakadab - OK 200
http://www.joomlathat.com/demo/music-collection/abr - OK 200 etc.

Doubles pages adversely affect promotion in search engines.

Am I right in their arguments?

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    Thursday, September 11 2014, 07:20 AM - #Permalink
    To moderator: correct, please links.
    I do not can edit the links.

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    Thursday, September 11 2014, 09:20 AM - #Permalink
    next time you post this in the forum, try to think twice on what you're writting.

    we are not using MC router, we are using an external extension called JomSEF.

    nothing of what you say makes sense...
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    Thursday, September 11 2014, 09:22 AM - #Permalink
    and by the way, you're also completely wrong about "double pages in search engines".

    the fact that you TYPE a made up page URL does not mean that google (or whatever) is tracking these because these don't exist. nowhere are links pointing to made up pages.


    again, this argument is completely ilogical.
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    Thursday, September 11 2014, 09:34 AM - #Permalink
    Sorry for JomSEF. :D

    The first available sample site from the Internet using MC and MC router (MC as main):


    Not only doubles pages?
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    Thursday, September 11 2014, 09:37 AM - #Permalink
    man, again. the fact that you can MAKE UP page URLs doesn't mean that google is tracking them!

    look: http://asdlkfjasdf.xonadfok/kljasdfgoijasdfsd

    this is a made up page. just like the ones you are posting. google will never track this because I AM MAKING THEM UP, they are not "linked" from anywhere!
    do you even understand what I'm saying?

    this is the most surrealistic post I've ever answered!! ;) ;) ;)
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    Thursday, September 11 2014, 11:37 AM - #Permalink
    I do not know what's surreal, but always thought that:
    1. Pages with one content but different url - it doubles pages
    2. Non-existent at all, or existed, but the deleted pages that give OK 200 - it's bad.

    Link to your example - broken!

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    Thursday, September 11 2014, 02:58 PM - #Permalink

    I'll try to explain one last time:

    1. there are no duplicate URLs. the fact that you can manually write an URL and will take you to a page that is the same as another URL doesn't mean that this "made up URL". do you understand what I'm saying? I don't know how to explain differently, I've already explained. again, your asumption is not correct. you won't find duplicated URLs in the system
    DO YOU UNDERSTAND? for example if the real URL is:


    this is the only one use. if you are trying /88 and /888 and /8888888 and they work, IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING, because these are never created by the component itself . it's just you inputting this URLs in the browser, nothing more.
    2. that depends on your SEF configuration not MC.

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