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I am putting some albums together, yet they are really more like "music collections", so for different moods/situations and it happens that they have quite some overlap sometimes with other albums. And here I wonder, whether there exists a method of uploading all songs that I have and then for the albums just "click them together". Because right now I need to do it everytime new. You know what I mean? THe songs having an ID and tell the album just to import ID 1,3,7 and so on. Also the database is a mess now, because there are multiple entries, which is also not good for the search function, which shows me also the duplicates.

Thank you!
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    Tuesday, May 02 2017, 09:53 AM - #Permalink

    sorry, there's no such option. You are saying to have the possibility for a song to be in more than one album..

    this would require custom coding.
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