Version 3.0.7 Issue


First off al I am hoping you, your family and all at JT are fine and healthy...
That is always the most important thing in life..

So on topic;
Just to let you know, I didn't got a warning about the new version. So maybe the version checker isn't working as supposed too?
TBH I was just checking if something happened on your side, after a year with no updates for MC, or (and I am still at doubt) I should cancel my subscription and go look for some other music Joomla component..

And than my second thing what did chance? just a few bugs repaired, cant see any new things in my first quick look, or just a version # chance to keep us happy..
Sorry for my skepticism..

Anyway stay save and healthy...


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    Friday, April 10 2020, 12:41 PM - #Permalink

    Thanks for your kind words, I hope you and your family are also staying well.

    The v 3.0.7 only contains small bug fixes and warnings. It didn't appear on your version warning system because I forgot to publish it there. I did now

    As for a newer version, we won't be releasing any new version until Joomla 4 is officially released (which is taking way longer than initially planned, unfortunately.. but that is not in our hands...)
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