First off, I'm not sure if it's ok with Germi that I upload modified versions of his files so if it is not, I apologize. However, if it's ok, please find attached two files from the "recently_added_albums" module that make "simple view" look more like the new "Random and Featured Albums (charts)" module released last week. It only works for vertical alignment. I'll work on a grid view version later so you can use it horizontally.

You'll notice I mostly used hard code in the default.php file to make this work. I only made a couple small edits to the css file. I also commented out the original code in case you wanted to revert back to it at a later time. Lastly, please be sure you properly link to shadowAlpha.png in default.php or this won't look right. I would recommend you change that link to the full url. I have attached an example of what it looks like on my site.

-Moni [file name=recently_added_albums_module_modified_by_thegrindlab.zip size=131241]http://www.joomlamusicsolutions.com/images/fbfiles/files/recently_added_albums_module_modified_by_thegrindlab.zip[/file] http://www.joomlamusicsolutions.com/images/fbfiles/images/new_recentlyaddedalbums.gif
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    Sunday, August 12 2012, 03:12 PM - #Permalink
    Oh yeah. I added a hover effect to it too. That way, when the cursor is over an album image, there appears a mild overlay effect.

    The third thing I did was add height, max-height and overflow to css to make all album images display in the same dimensions. This keeps the module "cells" uniform.

    Lastly, I also got this working for grid view. However, it was necessary in my case to modify the css for my site's main template so I won't post the files for it. :(


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