Think I found a bug... or am I doing things the wrong way?

I have some artists with the same name, example I have the band Panzer from USA and DEU.
After upload of the files I added a new artist with the name Panzer (DEU) and renamed the original Panzer to Panzer (USA), after that I chanced in album settings the one album from Panzer DEU to the new created artist Panzer (DEU)

If I look at the artist and the album settings all looks fine, but I noticed that in the front the songs for Panzer (DEU) will be at 0 and indeed no songs in the front of MC 3.0 are shown.

If I look at Panzer (USA) the songs still are stil listed under that artists, the album is not.

Do I found A bug or do I something wrong?

Thanks Appie

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Friday, June 09 2017, 12:03 PM - #Permalink
well, it's not a bug, it's intended this way, so you can have albums with songs by different artists.
in this case you need to change the artist INSIDE each song, too (not just the album)
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    Monday, June 12 2017, 08:02 AM - #Permalink
    Just a quick thought about this...

    I think it would be great if we can (in the back-end) select multiple songs to edit the album settings.
    But maybe that's not easy to implement.

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    Tuesday, June 13 2017, 08:56 AM - #Permalink
    we will definitely think a way to implement this in the future.
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