Maybe a strange topic opener but I will explain..

Is it possible to put an module in the muscol_album_stats position of an album, and show that module only with that album?
If I now put an module in there it shows up on every album in the site.

Maybe I need to use other module position, for this purpose?

Why I want to do this?
I have several albums with different covers / editions like; the same album on Vinyl, Red Vinyl, CD, Signed CD/LP Picture disc etc..
I am trying to just show up an modal box or simaler with all the pictures in it to show up.. Album music is still the same.

Hope I made my self clear...


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    Thursday, June 29 2017, 08:28 AM - #Permalink

    there's no direct way to do that... this would require some coding either on the module, or the "position" system...
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