JWplayer playlist black

Hi again. On newly created album, the album page instead of showing the player with songs it shows this (see attachment).
The old entries are displayed correctly. I suppose they are somewhere cached. But the new added album+songs are not showing. Somehow the jwplayer plugin doesn't renders as it should!?
Any idea why this happens?

UPDATE: There's somehow a problem that the file path points to my xampp path followed by a .tmp extension when i try to upload an image with png extension. JPG works fine. As well it goes (showing the tmp file path) when i upload songs. Therefore after song upload selection i must type myself the name of file in order to work. Any workaround?
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    Wednesday, July 09 2014, 04:46 PM - #Permalink
    this black player is due to YooTheme's Widgetkit. you have to disable the option for "media player"
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