Like several other users, I bought Music Collection Component last year and had a happy experience with 3.0.7 version on php 7.4 server, with joomla 3 site.
Due to end of life of php7.4, I had to upgrade to php8. So I just bought Music Collection 3.0.8 Pro Version which is supposed to work fine with php8.
Unfortunately, at least 2 errors occur :
- Version of MusCol appears to be 3.0.7 in the plugin manager. I took a look at the manifest.xml of the new 3.0.8 version : "Version: 3.0.7". This have to be fixed.
- An Error occurs when clicking on "Music Collection" General Button or Album Button : Non-static method MusColGraphics::renderThumb() cannot be called statically
>>The same error that occurred after upgrading to php8 with 3.0.7 version.
So it looks like the 3.0.8 version of Music Collection still has problems with php8...

I tried to totally delete Music Collection 3.0.7 and fresh reinstall 3.0.8 version, but none of my attempts worked.

So, at that point, upgrading to 3.0.8 version fixed none of my problems.
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    Friday, January 13 2023, 11:52 AM - #Permalink

    Sadly MC 3.0.8 still does NOT works as supposed too on PHP8 (and J4), I have the same troubles after buying a new subscription for PHP8.
    Lets hope this get resolved soon but tbh I have given up hope sadly...

    I do have a workaround for you...
    I have installed a local server (or use xampp) and run that one on php7.4 for making chances in MC and upload the msql db dump to my live server running on php8. That works for me until now.. (don't forget the images uploads)

    I don't have an issue with MC's front-side on my live server on PHP8, but keeping my fingers crossed...

    Not the answer you're looking for I know, but maybe it helps a bit for now

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