Couple of Pre-Buy Questions.

I have been playing around with your demo here on this site and am really impressed with what I have seen so far. I have a few questions on some functionality though.

First question I have is about genres. I noticed there was a nice write up on genres, but I could not see much use of them on the demo site. It seems like genres were only showing up under the album review area and that they were static. The blocks on the artist page had the area for Genre(s) but nothing next to them, even though the albums showed having genres on their page. How do genres work in the music management system? Is there a way to make multiple genres show up? If so can one have genres show up on the artist or album page and then click on a genre or sub genre on that page and have it go to a page that shows all albums or artists that are tagged with that genre?

Secondly I noticed there was the ability to rate albums, but can one rate songs as well? Majority of albums I have I like at least one song on them, but very rarely every song. It would be nice to be able to rate the songs on an album to quickly see which ones are worth playing. Is something like this possible? Even better, is it possible to add songs to a playlist using filters. Say add all songs by Queen that have a 4 star rating or higher?

Third question, which is more of a fun idea than a real useful feature. Is there a mod that would allow one to click on an artist or album art and have it open up full size in a lightbox or sometype of ajax hover. For example, your beatles abby raod image shows up scaled down to 430x430, even though its a 721x721 image. It would rock if one could click on that 430x430 image on that page, and it would show up in a lightbox/shadowbox above the screen at its full 721x721 size.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.
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    Saturday, November 14 2009, 03:38 PM - #Permalink

    1) there's no "genre" view. we are working on that for the next version. on the artist view, you dont see the genres on the albums because we haven't set it right on our demo.. ;) now you made me remind this, I'm gonna solve it on the next hours! :) read this to have an idea on genre management:

    2)again, you cannot rate on songs on this version, but you will on next ;) in any case , if you're really interested in this before next version comes up (january or february), this can be custom-made quite easily. also, since there's no yet rating on songs, is not possible to make automatic playlists based on rating.

    3)this lightbox of ajax feature is not included, but also really easy to be implemented. if you have some PHP and Javascript skills, you'll be able to do it yourself. if not, we can make it for you.

    just an overall comment: it seems like you just found these small things we haven't included yet on Music Collection ;) well, that means you took a really deep look into our demo. that's good ;) in any case, remember that the upgrades to future versions are LIFETIME FREE for our customers, so if you buy now, the upgrade of the next version (and next, and next, and next...) won't cost you a penny

    thanks for your interest!

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