I didn't like that modules added to the main MC page would also appear on album, artist and song pages so I tried using the custom html options with load module positions and such in the MC back end. However, with this method I had so much trouble getting the styling right I decided to just add MC modules to a blank component page.

I got this:


*That works with J1.5, J1.6 and J1.7

If your template does not allow you to remove a component from view this blank component page leaves a single white horizontal bar across the "component" section of the page. I simply placed all my MC modules above and beside this and it looks fine, as it appears at the bottom of the page.

By using that, I can build my MC page exactly as I want and the added modules only appear on the main MC page. If you do this for the same reason I did be sure that you DO NOT add the menu ID to any of your modules. If you do so that will cause the modules to show up on all your MC-related pages too (which defeats the whole purpose of doing things this way.

Have fun!
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