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Good day!

First of all i must say i can't add songs in the playlist manager. There is no "add song" button to the current selected playlist. Only 'Set as current'.
Second of all, i would like to use the playlist to embed it into another page; is that possible?

And i don't have the option to add a menu link "playlist' as in the documentation. Only 'playlists'.

Thank you
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    Monday, July 28 2014, 09:52 AM - #Permalink

    the "add song to playlist" is found next to each song, NOT in the playlist. do you know what I mean?
    sorry, not possible to embed playlist into page (well, using the module, that you can do)

    the link on the menu is to playlists, not playlist... I'll check the documentation in case there's a typo.
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    Monday, July 28 2014, 02:10 PM - #Permalink
    Inside the picture it shows 'Playlists' and 'Playlist'menu item links.
    • Germinal Camps
      more than a month ago
      sorry, this picture is outdatted. in the latest version there's no direct menu to playlist, it must go throught the Playlists menu (it was confusing to some users so we took it off the options). Thanks for noticing.
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