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I have on question and one issue.

1st. Is it possible to make the fast album addition facilities accessable to the frontend users. In terms of usability, this would be great. Alternately they could upload per ftp and then run a scan (all trusted users), but I don't know if this is possible.
2nd. The music uploaded from the frontend won't play. All of the music uploaded from the backend works fine.

ok, I lied. I have another issue:
3rd. Is this (screenshot following) alls the easysocial plugin can provide on data? Ideally I would expect the album artist and maybe the genre to be displayed, and most of all a link to the album.

Thanks for the answers in advance.
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    Monday, January 20 2014, 11:21 AM - #Permalink

    1. no, it's not... the scan function for example is only available on the backend, because it's for previously uploaded songs via FTP.. it would make no sense to have this in the frontend (your users will not have access to FTP!)

    2. that's weird. can you share a link to illustrate this?

    3. no.. you can also have the app that shows all the album information..! have you installed the two plugins available?
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