Hi there,

First of all, I love your Invoice Manager extension, everything I want and more.

I am having some issues getting quotes to function correctly. I have made a test quote and have sent this to myself, but I am unable to get the Accept and Reject quote buttons/links functioning. Does the user have to be a registered user of my website? or am I missing something?

Current template code is as follows:

Dear {to_name}

Please see the attached PDF document for your official quote, valid for 30 days from the date provided. A brief summary of the requested services is provided below for your convenience.

If you would like to accept this quote or make any amendments please reply to this email or give me a call. Alternatively you can action this invoice using the following links: {accept_button} or {reject_button}


I get the following error once the link forwards to my website:



Accepted Answer

Tuesday, September 15 2015, 01:30 PM - #Permalink

My apologies, there was indeed a small failure in the verification process when accepting a quote if the user was not logged in.

We have fixed this in version 1.4.4 right now, please proceed to download it and install it in your site, the problem should be solved!!

Many thanks for your great feedback!
  • Eddy Archer
    more than a month ago
    Thanks for the great support Germinal, that's perfect - all working well now!!

    Regarding a future release, do you have something like this in mind as it would be a huge help:


    Having the relating invoice number for a quote and also whether it has been converted would be alot easier to manage. A {quote_number} token would also be awesome so it can be included on an invoice for reference as not all invoices will necessarily have a quote.
  • Germinal Camps
    more than a month ago

    we don't have this in mind right now ut will think about it! thanks for the suggestion!
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