PayPal Credit Card Payment?

I just bought Invoice Manager and it appeared to have everything I needed. I have installed and ready to customize only to find the Paypal plugin is for Paypal existing customer accounts or to create an account to pay. I need to be able to offer a credit card payment without having to use Paypal login to do so. I thought I would be able to offer to pay with paypal account or use a paypal credit card form to process. Perhaps the PayPal plugin did not install correctly ? Please tell me I need to re-install it because accepting credit card payment with your paypal plugin was what i thought I was buying.

If you do not offer credit card payments using your palpal plugin , this system will not meet my needs. Seems this is my only stumbling block. Everything else is perfect. Please advise, thank you.
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    Tuesday, March 04 2014, 08:11 PM - #Permalink
    this does not depend on the plugin, but on the actual PayPal page.
    yes, PayPal accepts credit card payments.. if it's enabled on your paypal business account. you should really them (paypal) about this.

    all our plugin does is "take you" to the paypal page, and it's there where the CC option should appear.
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