Cannot get music to play and links to work.


I have uploaded the player and it still does not work. Please have someone log in and take a look at it. The music collection menu is in the module on the right on my home page. I have uploaded 2 Albums and 8 songs and nothing works. When the links are selected I get the error message attached . It appears that the index php IP address cannot be found. (don't understand). I Will need a refund by tomorrow if I cannot get anything to work. Something as simple as playing the files that were uploaded.

Listed below are all the links and credential for my site here you can see and experience what I'm talking about.

Website Link:

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    Tuesday, August 14 2018, 06:44 PM - #Permalink
    If you just read and follow the instructions you will have it working normally:

    particularly there's a huge blue box that tells you to place the system plugin in the last position of the plugin list. You didn't do that, and that's what's causing the whole application to not work.
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    Tuesday, August 14 2018, 06:57 PM - #Permalink
    Wow...that was quick Thanks. I'll try it again. Anyway is there anyway I could remove my original post here?
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