Follow this steps to install properly Music Collection into your Joomla! 2.5 or 3.x distribution:

  1. Download the zip files you need, in "My Downloads" link on the User Menu, to your computer. The only mandatory file (the component) is called "" or "" or "" or "" (XXX stands for the version. The name of the pacakge depends on the subscription you purchased). If you're using Joomla 3.x, the package names will end with "".
  2. Go to Music Collection administor area and click on "Options" icon (top right corner) to set up basic configuration for the component. Be sure to do that before you start working with Music Collection
  3. Install and enable the plugin JWPLAYER. It's called
  4. Install and enable the System Plugin. It's called (or

    Note that the Music collection system plugin needs to be moved to the last position of your plugins in order to work properly. You can do this by sorting the plugins by the first column and dragging the Music collection one to the end of the list.

  5. If your website root is located in a subfolder of your main site URL, you will need to specify this subfolder's name in the Music Collection - System plugin options. Just open that plugin and fill out the field "URL subfolder". For instance, if your Joomla installation is located in, you will need to write /mysubfolder into this field.
    • Additionally, open the file /plugins/muscolplayers/jwplayer/mc_subfolder.js. This is a JS file that contains only one line. If your website is in a subfolder, you need to specify this here, like this:
      var mc_subfolder = "/mysubfolder";
      Otherwise, just leave this file unmodified.
  6. The rest of the modules are optional. You can install them all, none, or some... :)
  7.'re DONE!

What next?

Are you done with the installation process? Then move on to our help article Getting Started

Some important thoughs:

  • If you get a blank page when installing the component, then the installation script is exhausting your memory_limit OR your max_execution_time PHP variables. You should increase them through your php.ini configuration file.
  • If you get a blank page when installing the component, it can be that the package you are uploading is bigger than 2M, and you upload_max_filesize is probably setted to 2M. Please increase this PHP variable on your php.ini to at least 4M.
  • If you get an XML Parsing error when installing some modules... don't worry. It happens some times, but the modules install fine anyway.
  • If you see some strange code on your music collection backend, that looks ugly... your short_open_tags PHP variable is OFF. You should turn it to ON, also on your php.ini file.
  • If you get some Notices on the component like "Notice: Undefined variable:"... you should just disable PHP notice system, wich is joomla recomendation. Go to your Joomla configuration panel and set error_reporting to none, or minimum. If it does not work, you can still do it through the php.ini file, modifying the ERROR_REPORTING variable.


If you have any other questions or issues, please search on our forum, wich has a search functionality. Probably someone had the same issue before you! ;) If you can't find an answer, then write on the forum and we'll answer right away!

Questions? write on our forum!