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I recently bought the extended pro package for EM and is somewhat disappointed. Maybe I have'nt learnt all the features just yet but I would/demand like too see not only tabs in the back-end for items, categories and accounts. Since I utilise the application for personal use only, I'd like to setup different projects with different accounts etc. Furthermore, more choices in the front-end would be useful. E.g. link straight into a certain "project" (e.g. "Travel to South America" and "My Party")!!
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    Monday, February 11 2019, 09:08 AM - #Permalink

    In Expense Manager there are no "Projects", but you have "Accounts" if you want, to filter.
    The power of Expense Manager is in the frontend (backend is just basic editing)
    in the frontend, you have the main view (items, filters, etc), and you can also have the Category summary view, where you can see everything grouped by category/month/year.
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