I use Community Builder for my login module on my website.

How can I view criteria "most user logins" from provider "com_comprofiler" in "Content Statistics (RANKING)" module? It does log this information (logins) and I can view it in the main component.

I see this criteria option is available in the provider "com_users" but that provider doesn't track my logins if I'm using the Community Builder login module (which I am).


Accepted Answer

Friday, January 09 2015, 01:11 PM - #Permalink

this option was not available on that plugin.

I have just added this option into plugin version 1.4.3 for you, so you can use it!
it's available on your downloads area.
  • benvoth
    more than a month ago
    That is so awesome. Thank you so much.
  • Germinal Camps
    more than a month ago
    no problem!
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