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We are interested in purchasing this software, but would like to be sure it can do what we would need it to. I tried logging into the demo and back end, but not completely sure how it works. I saw that I could add a user and setup rates etc, but is there a way to create specific campaigns? For example... say we want to offer someone that purchases a ticket the opportunity to get an affiliate link to use and share with 3 other people. After the 3 people purchase their ticket, the original purchaser that used the link would get theirs refunded. Or maybe, someone wants to promote the event for us and earn money through selling tickets using their affiliate link. So those types would need different "campaigns" in my thoughts. Also, we run multiple events, so we would need the user to be able to select the "event" they wish to promote, and after selecting event they would select their "campaign" weather it be for a kick-back, or free ticket, or something similar.
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