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I just purchased and set up the affiliate tracker program. I have two questions.

#1 If someone orders from my website using the os membership pro and it is a monthly recurring subscription, will the affiliate tracker pay out for each month the person stays a paying member. So the way I want to set it up is someone comes to the site because of the affiliate link. They purchase a subscription for a monthly membership. I want the affiliate to be paid a percentage of the monthly recurring amount that comes in from that monthly subscription. What do I need to do to make sure this happens?

#2 Can I set up different affiliate payment amounts for different subscriptions?

Thank you for your help
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    Friday, April 14 2017, 08:32 AM - #Permalink
    1. it will assign a commission on each recurring payment (this doesn't mean it will be paid automatically, but yes, it will create the commission every time)

    2. no, sorry. this would require some custom coding work.
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