I'm testing the component, and to understand / simulate the commission assignment I need to understand:
1) what do you use to track sales? only cookies? or even the IP address? or other?
2) If in the console I read the cookie "atid = YToxOntzOjQ6ImF0aWQiO2k6MTAyO30%3D", how can I understand who is the affilate id?

Thank you

Accepted Answer

Monday, July 23 2018, 09:12 AM - #Permalink

1) not only cookies. cookies are assigned in the "first visit", and if the user is logged in (or logs in), this is stored as a new LOG in the system, "binding" that user to the affiliate in case he makes any purchase.
this means that if that binding exists, even if the cookies are cleared, the commission will still be assigned correctly.

2) well, you can't directly, because this cookie is encoded. you need to decode (base64) the cookie to see who the affiliate is.
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